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Transient Apps is currently in the Proof of Concept phase and will be LIVE tested for the first time at the Eastern event of shopping mall Villa Arena on 28 March 2016. Be part of the first Transient Apps test group and experience our breakthrough technology. Further, by participating you have chance of winning a Samsung Galaxy S7!

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Your smartphone makes life easy

Let’s face it... Your smartphone knows everything about you. This small device is packed with sensors and holds a lot of information about you. It has a GPS sensor, so it knows where you are now, where you work, where you live or if you are currently travelling. You smartphone can determine the current outside temperature, the weather forecast for your location and which Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks are nearby. And much, much more. We call this type of information your context information. The idea of Transient Apps is to use this context information to provide the user with information and functionality when it is relevant for the user.

Transient Apps enriches your mobile experience

Transient Apps is developed by TNO in cooperation with partners KPN and Emansion. Transient Apps are a new type of Apps for smartphones that are automatically installed whenever they are likely to be relevant to the user. And (unless the user saves them) they are automatically uninstalled when they are no longer relevant. Transient Apps can be used by downloading the Transient Apps platform. Currently, Transient Apps is only available on Android phones.

Transient Apps makes it possible to interact with users

Transient Apps allow a whole new way of interacting with users. Once the Transient App is loaded the user can use it right away. The user gets the right functionality at the right moment. Companies can target (potential) customers in a specific situation. And instead of annoying the user with a commercial, they can surprise the user with a useful application and make it a positive experience. Transient Apps are useful for a lot of businesses and can improve customer experience and surprise new customers.

Transient Apps Movie

Check out the movie to see how Transient Apps could help you in your day-to-day life!

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